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Habitat Digital Design and Construction Group is a company that was started by Mauricio Hernandez in 1984 in Bogota, Colombia. Mauricio, an architect, built the company from scratch and has completed many successful projects over the years. In 2001.


Mauricio teamed up with his brother German, who is a software engineer, to bring the company to the United States. Since they were kids, the brothers have loved working on projects together and with the help of their family and partners, Habitat Digital has become a well-known and reputable builder, construction services provider, developer, and residential designer through its affiliated company ADigital.


They have built homes in fancy communities, provided construction services for commercial and residential projects, developed modern communities, and designed amazing homes that are tailored to homeowners' lifestyles.


Habitat Digital is dedicated to providing great services to the community and has been supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for over a decade by designing and supervising the St. Jude Dream Home. They are a company that stands for commitment, quality, great design, and customer service, and always strives to offer great value in the different products and services they provide.

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